Ontario Poultry Breeders

2018 Ontario Poultry Breeders Show Catalogs 

The 2018 OPB Show Catalogs are now available !  .. please email troylaroche88@hotmail.com to be emailed a copy.

Reminder that entries will close on Sept 28,2018 at midnight. All email and fax entries must be accompanied by an ETransfer or they will not be processed. All Postal mail must be post marked by September 28,2018 and be accompanied by a cheque no posted dates please or you will not be processed. 

To all our USA exhibitors , you may either send your entries by mail with a check or email and pay with PayPal.. The PayPal option is only for USA exhibitors!!! 

It's our 25th Anniversary in 2018 !

Our 25th anniversary show is just around the corner...please join us  October 20-21 2018 at the West Niagra Fairgrounds In Grassie Ontario.We have many great events planned for this including the APA Canadian National Meet as well as the ABA District Meet. Visit back to this site for more details as the become available . This is going to be a do not miss event for the Exhibition Poultry Hobby in Canada !

Meets for the 2018 show 

The following meets have been placed at this 2017 Ontario Poultry Breeders show 

American Poultry Association  Canadian National 

American Bantam Association District  Meet 

Modern Game Bantam Club of American District Meet  

American Silkie Bantam Club District Meet

Canadian Serama Club Canadian  1st National Table Top Meet

Japanese Bantam Breeders Association Meet  

Chantecler Fanciers International Canadian National  ** Check out the " Show Info " section of this website for more info. 

American Brahma Club District Meet  

Cochin International Club Special meet 

Old English Game Bantam Club Special Meet 

Rhode Island Red Club District Meet 

Plymouth Rock Club District Meet  

Wyandotte Breeders District Meet  


More meets will be added as they are requested , if you do not see your club listed contact your area rep to inquire with OPB Organizers

Check out our new " Show Info " section on this website for more details on the show and events at the show including meets .  

Thank you to our sponsors 

We would like to thanks the following sponsors of awards for the 2018 show. If you would like to sponsor a class or section of the show in honor or memory of a mentor , a club member or friend of the hobby, please contact either troylaroche88@hotmail.com or Johnbeamer77@gmail.com for more information. We are looking to get sponsors for every breed shown as well as many varieties. 

2018 Sponsors are as follows 

Dave McCormick ( In Memory of Allan Lilley) Best and Res Rosecomb Bantam 

 Dale Baker ( In honor of Plymouth Rock Fanciers) Best C H K P in Barred Rocks 

Randy Spencer ( Youth Awards) 

 Shane Cramp (  Multiple best of breed awards ) 

Don & Ross Harrington ( In Memory of Leigh Harrington) Best and Reserve Waterfowl & BV & RV Grey White and AOV Calls 

 Harper Construction  ( For Champion Bantam and Reserve) 

 New Bruinswick Purebred Poultry Association ( In Memory of George Piers )Best & Reserve Large Fowl Leghorn

 Bart Nyland Brahma Awards 

Wayne Harris Leghorns 

Steve Vooys  Reserve Wyandotte Bantam

Jean Paul Cousineau (for Champion Large Fowl and Reserve ) 

We thank you all for your generosity and support of the OPB Show !   

Poultry Art Auction 

OPB will be offering for auction several of these "Poultry Tribune / Reliable Poultry Journal" pull out framed pictures in the weeks /months to come. These are not reproductions but actual pin ups from the two publications collected between 1900-1950 and are extremely rare with all being between 68-95 years old. This collection of pictures was obtained from a scrap book collection of the Late Godfrey Engstrom of Bay City Michigan. Each picture will be framed and sold via auction on our Facebook page.For those not on Facebook we will be accepting email bids ( see below for details) 

We do have reserve bids on each picture with all proceeds going towards supporting the OPB Annual Show. All items will be available for pick up in Georgetown Ontario , or to shows we attend ( Canada and the USA) or shipped at purchasers expense. We have a wide range of these pictures with several different breeds and varieties and in some cases complete series of varieties in  some breeds. See our Facebook page for what is being auctioned this week. 

Hotel Info Casablanca Winery Inn 

This hotel is now sold out for this weekend. Alternative hotels are Super 8 Grimsby ( Across the parking lot from the host hotel 905-309-8800 and Ramada Inn in Jordan ( 15 min from host hotel and show hall) 905-562-4155 . We do not have rate agreements with either of these hotels . Other hotels may have availability in Hamilton or St Catharines .We highly suggest that you do not delay in booking your room as it is " Fall Colour Season " and many hotels will be at capacity at this time of the year.  We hope you can join us for the party at the Casablanca Inn on Saturday Night more details to follow. 

We highly suggest that you check out Expedia or other travel Hotel websites for area hotels and or Bed and Breakfast facilities  . 
Some other options are as follows 

Ramada Inn Jordan Station Ont  905-562-4155 

Sandman Hotel Hamilton ON 289-389-7203 

Holiday Inn St Catharines ON 905-688-2324 

Reminder that we do not have arrangements with these hotels.